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About LaxRax

My name is Pat Chaney: I am Native American with a passion for woodworking and a passion for lacrosse. In 2008 I combined my passions to create LaxRax as a means of re-introducing the aspect of respect as pertains to our lacrosse sticks. Back in the days when baaga'adowe was played as a medicine game, sticks were blessed and treated with care and respect. These days, now that they're made of metal & plastic, not so much so. In my own way, I am attempting to provide a means for lacrosse sticks to be displayed with respect and pride. 

I make each LaxRax by hand out of solid hardwoods, with care and with love for the wood, and strive to reveal and highlight its natural beauty.  I finish each one with 3 coats of high-gloss polyurethane to protect the wood and provide it with a brilliant luster. Crafted this way, the LaxRax will last for many years. This is not a mass-produced or assembly-line product, but an individually, hand-crafted piece of beautifully functional wall-art that looks great in the home or in an office. I take great pride in my work, and unconditionally guarantee each one 100%! 

If you're looking for a product to give as a unique lacrosse gift or award, one that reflects the spirit of the Creators' Game, LaxRax is a perfect fit. It can even be personalized, with an engraved team and/or a player's name on it, or even a favorite saying or quote. 

Thank you for viewing my website. 


 LaxRax is a Native American small business enterprise.